DMC support for MICE agencies.

Settin' is created to provide the best possible service to MICE agencies that have projects in Spain.

Our mother company, Set Travel, has been active since many years as a well-known DMC in de coast of Catalonia, and over the years has expanded its framework of action, creating Settin', willing to offer the same full-service to companies who visit Spain to celebrate a meeting, an incentive, a congress or an event.

But... What makes us different from any other MICE DMC in Spain?

We believe that the human touch makes the difference, so the answer is: our team. We are a group of people that enjoy doing what we do, we will take care of your project in a tailor made way, and involve ourselves as much as you, in the realization of your project.
But... if you're still wondering why you should work with us, I'll do a list for you, below on in this page


Traveling to attend meetings, events, congresses or trade fairs needs a special kind of treatment. We'll set the stay of your customer to the most practical and pleasant way. Together, we'll make it work!



The "I", the fun letter of MICE. Sector knowledge and fantasy are needed to make Incentives valuable. Count on our ideas, partners and contacts to build the incentive trip your customer is looking for.


So... All in all...
Why should I consider Settin' as my partner?

  • Well...Professional DMC

    Let's start with the obvious one:
    We are a professional DMC with years of experience, knowledge of the sector and specialized in working for MICE Agencies.
    If you are a MICE Agency, I bet it will be difficult to find something more specific than a partner created to assist an Agency like yours.
    Think about it... What are the odds?
  • What else...THE HUMAN TOUCH!

    Right! The human touch that makes the difference!
    We are humans, just like you. We enjoy doing what we do, and we do it with passion. What we mean with "the human touch" is that we involve ourselves in your project, we are here for you. Motivated, willing and ready!
    Working with someone who cares is always a pleasure, isn't it?
  • Let me think... FRESH IDEAS!

    We take our job seriously... That means having fresh ideas when it comes to incentives, trustworthy partners when it comes to events, good contacts to be competitive.
    We are constantly looking for new things, hotels, places and activities, so that you don't have to. That's our job, right?
  • Need more reasons? GIVE US A TRY

    Get in touch! Let's take a look and start working: We are more than open to quote any project you may have.
    At the end of the day, the best way to prove our value is working together.
    So... let's do it!