Settin’ understands your travel as a process.

If you are coming for a Business Travel to attend a Trade Fair, Event or meeting, or a Incentive full of activities and group dynamics, the success in the management of this kind of travels merges in the correct travel organization and knowledge of the sector.

The management of any project by Settin’ follows a “fabrication process” that we call “ADIE” that represents a 4 step process: (Analyze, Design, Implement, Evaluate).

This process works as an mechanism in which your project, passing through all the phases, will become a personalized product to fulfill your needs.


Settin’ can set all the complementary services needed for the correct development of the staying of your group during an event, congress, trade fair or meeting.



Whether if your staid is short or long, empty or full of activities, incentives groups need a special attention, preparation, coordination and fantasy to provide a remarkable experience.



  • First processANALYZE

    We identify your goals. What do you ecpect from us? What can we offer? Which details are the most important? Have your project been done before? Do we have any reference? In this phase we have to clear any doubts about the project that we both may have. At the end, we all need to have the exact same idea in mind. Only with a flawless comunication will the success of your trip be possible. Settin’ understands that communication in a project is bidirectional, keeping you (the customer) informed is one of the keys to suceed with your expectations.
  • Second processDESIGN AND PLAN

    Once we have understood your expectations and spoken about what we can offer, your project will pass to the design and planning part. In this phase we will provide you with one contact person, set priorities and deadlines, present possibilities, identify the risks and plan the project. This is the main process, we also like to call it "Play and Plan".
  • Third processIMPLEMENT

    During this phase your project will be running. Our job in this phase is control and flexibility. Thanks to the risk assessment and our "in place" support, we will be able to adapt, manage and control the correct development of the project, so that we can handle, in a fast way, any unforeseen circumstances.
  • FinallyEVALUATE

    Feedback after the project. Have we fulfilled your expectations? What could we change in a future? Which were your impressions? Let's talk after all the action, are you satisfied?